Game Testing And Publishing


Functional game testing is our passion. We love games and we love testing them. All of our talented testers are interviewed, trained, and experienced. Game testing is serious business and we can help.


After working with hundreds of games, we have loads of knowledge and experience to share. We love to help create the very best gameplay experiences with our clients and so offer this incredibly specialized service. We chat to understand your ambitions for the project, the demographic, the thinking behind design, and we advise on the success of the implementation through detailed documentation and friendly conversation! It’s a personal and attentive service bundled with honesty.


We know that mobile can be an intimidating market. There are just so many devices! Not to worry, we have your solution. We have a device lab for iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phones. In total, we have over 100 devices on various OS versions. We can ensure your game is compatible and functional in this tough market. To inquire about our device lists, just ask!


Getting through submission is the final piece of the jigsaw. It’s the final stage, the declaration of quality that stands between your product and its public. We can help your product in its journey to be compliant. Our experienced compliance team is available to provide support for iTunes, Play store, Windows, Amazon, and Facebook requirements. They have all the tools and know-how to drive forward your products’ quest for console compliance.


No matter how good your developers are, there will always be bugs … loads of them. Lucky for you, we love bug databases. They are awesome when tracking the life of a bug, and we are very proud to manage them with the care and attention they deserve. Haven’t got a bug database? You can use ours. We’ll be happy to keep the database relevant and up to date during and after test execution. Bug tickets are detailed, fixes are verified and updated, done and dusted bugs are closed.


We’ve got your game covered no matter which platform you choose. We test iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon, Browser, Facebook, PC, Steam, and many more. Give us a call and we can guide you through the testing process suited for your platform of choice.