Art & Animation

We have a highly talented team of graphic & texture artists, modelers and animators specializing in character visualization, story-boarding, modeling & texturing, and animations for 2D and 3D games.


We absolutely love game conceptualization. It brings focus to the main idea of the game. We create an initial game design document, concept art, and protype to feel the game, which makes the production cycle much faster.

Story Boarding

We make simplified story boards which can quickly be understood and improve production by keeping everyone aligned. Display and debate on every frame, mood board and color research board make sure to chalk down each and every element in meticulous detail. That in turn ensures tangible timelines. Locking down artwork before it all goes into production.

Modelling & Texturing

We have an awesome art team that specializes in game art for mobile devices. Our modelers and texture artists / digital painters make sure of that the 3D mesh is highly optimized for mobile and low-end devices. Texture packing and frame by frame sprite sheets ensures of smooth and fun filled game-play. Level design with moduler meshes, low-poly expressive characters, highly detailed realistic in-game assets, painted and stylized 3D ui elements, you name it and we do it all.

3D Animation

We have the best talent to produce 3D animations. Our animators are well equipped to deliver advance rigs, and looped animations facilitating a believable living and breathing character. Animators focus tediously to produce expressive gestures. Can work pose to pose animations and if required can blend in motion captured data.

2D Animation

We enjoy 2D animations as much as we love 3D. Skeleton animation or frame-by-frame, we do it all. A blend of digital painters and animators make sure to produce artwork from all genres. Be it frames of a prince escaping in water color feel, to manga style puppet animations, our animators and artist work in hand in hand to produce artwork that walks, talks, breaths and runs for that matter.

User Interface

It’s very important to us to design User Interfaces which are simple yet effective. User Interface (UI) Design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do. Thus we ensure that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and must facilitate those actions. Once we know about our user, we make sure to:

  • Keep the interface simple
  • Create consistency via color and texture
  • Layout the pages with clarity and well set contrast in sizes
  • Strategically evaluate, and refine trough rigorous testing